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We can develop the potential and skills of local changemakers in rural Ghana

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By now, most of you should know that I love Ghana. I love the crowded streets of Accra, the historical significance of Cape Coast, the ocean breeze on the beaches in Busua, the charm of Kumasi, the friendly smiles from Obuasi, the sounds of motorbikes zipping past in Wa, and most importantly the welcoming nature of the Akaa Community. For it is in this community that you will find some of the most determined and thoughtful people in the entire world. Lauren Grimanis, the Founder and CEO of the Akaa Project is one the most inspirational individuals that i've ever crossed paths with. She is currently spearheading a fundraising campaign to invest in the potential of local change makers within the Akaa Community. Your donations would be most appreciated.

The rest is best said by Lauren herself...

"Project Manager, Jonathan, was asked what he wants for his community. His response: 'First, I want love for my community.'

This speaks so clearly to who Jonathan is - he is kind, insightful and takes great initiative - going above and beyond his job description every single day because he wants to improve his community through love, joy, and resourcefulness. (Jonathan pictured with me in my profile picture and at the bottom of the cover photo)

Jonathan grew up in the Akaa community and understands the importance of having education in his village. He was able to complete junior high school (middle school) by walking over an hour to school every day, only attending 2-3 times a week due to the distance. With a push of encouragement from his uncle, he then went on to high school, which in Ghana, requires hundreds of dollars (and not something his family could afford). In addition to the little money his parents did contribute, he built close relationships with his teachers, who offered him work on the weekends doing household chores in exchange for tuition money. He worked his way through four years of high school and became the first in his family to complete this level of education.

This persistence, along with his many other positive qualities, has made him into a creative teacher and strong community leader. Jonathan has so much potential to grow into a dynamic, effective manager who can change thousands of lives in rural Ghana. And that potential can be tapped with training, skill development and mentorship.

This is exactly what this campaign is about - investing in the potential of local changemakers. It's for heroes, like Jonathan, that I am raising [money] for the Akaa Project's Local People, Greater Potential campaign.

Our ability to work so deeply in rural communities is because of our people - our teachers, our staff. While they are in the classroom everyday, they are also leading village development, advising a community on the value of education, and inspiring children to dream big.

This Local People, Greater Potential Campaign is about sustaining and investing in our people in Ghana so that we will have stronger programs and create greater opportunities for children and families in the Akaa community. As we look at how the Akaa Project will expand in the next two years, our teachers will also have expanded roles. They will take on greater outreach activities in other schools and villages, increasing the number of children and families we work with.

We believe in the power of local voices and local people to be changemakers in their own communities. Our people have better insights in the rural context because they live it, they grew up in it, and now, they are part of changing it. They can navigate the bush paths, point out the movers and shakers in a village, and know the best times to hold community wide meetings. It's not easy to learn those things! What can be learned is how to type an email, what monitoring and evaluation is, and best practices for child-centered learning. Our staff have not had the opportunity for this type of growth, until now.

We are raising $20,000, to be used over 2 years, to strengthen the skills of our dedicated people and build capacity in the communities we work in. In these two years, our people will learn important proficiencies and skills such as first aid, financial management and accounting, and computers, as well as problem solving and effective communication. Funds will be used for individual and group trainings, professional mentorship, and other support costs. These activities have a direct impact on what our program outcomes will be – how many children have access to quality education, how many adults become literate, how many families will make informed healthcare decisions, how many people will maximize their land production to better provide for their families.

Our people have the desire to learn and the commitment to better the lives of thousands in their community. Whatever we invest in our people, they will give back to those around them. I invite you to join me in the Akaa Project's quest to help inspire those who will inspire."