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We can develop the potential and skills of local changemakers in rural Ghana

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

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$1,000 towards $1,000

Join me in supporting real change. Help us create greater opportunity for rural children and their families.

It has been one year since I had the privilege of working in Asaifo Amanfro. I can remember every day I spent there, what I did, and all of the people I met. Working in the classroom may have been the most fun learning experience for myself that I have ever had! Getting to know each teacher and witnessing the relationships they had with their students was a true blessing. I have yet to meet more loving and warm people than those teachers at Asaifo Amanfro Community School!

I was fortunate enough to be apart of a previous fundraiser called Driving Education: Operation School Bus to ensure that no student would miss school due to transportation. Now, I am proud to be apart of Local People-Greater Potential Campaign because I believe in the work every teacher is doing in the school. Each teacher has a hunger to learn more and pass on that knowledge to the students and strive to better themselves and their education system in the same way we do for our own children.

Over the next two years, we will use $20,000 to strengthen the skills of our dedicated people and build capacity in the communities we work in. In these two years, our people will learn important proficiencies and skills such as first aid, financial management and accounting, and computers, as well as problem solving and effective communication. Funds will be used for individual and group trainings, professional mentorship, and other support costs. These activities have a direct impact on what our program outcomes will be – how many children have access to quality education, how many adults become literate, how many families will make informed healthcare decisions, how many people will maximize their land production to better provide for their families.

The Akaa Project's ability to work so deeply in rural communities is because of our people - our teachers, our staff, and our children. While they are in the classroom everyday, they are also leading village development, advising a community on the value of education, and inspiring children to dream big. That is why I am asking for your help in supporting the leaders of the Asiafo Amanfro Community School continue their own education so they are better equipped to help others in their community. By donating to the Akaa Project this holiday season, you provide the opportunity for educators to continue their own education and in doing so, enhance the learning process for the students of the Asiafo Amanfro Community School as well as the community as a whole.