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We can develop the potential and skills of local changemakers in rural Ghana

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The Akaa Project is a non-profit organization which strives for providing education and financial resources for families in the Eastern Region of Ghana, specifically in Asiafo Amanfro village. I had the pleasure of visiting Asiafo Amanfro two years ago. My fondest memory is of the first time I arrived in the village. I remember veering off the roughly paved road onto a dirt road and driving for several minutes. Throughout this short drive I watched as children came running after the tro-tro (similar to a small bus or van) screaming and waving. As we came to a stop and got out of the tro-tro, the children ran up to us hugging us and reaching to hold our hands. After unloading our bags, we took a walk through the village. This was my favorite part. As we continued our walk through the village more and more children joined us. I remember looking at my fellow volunteers and laughing as I realized that every one of us either had a child on our shoulders or on our back and at least two more attached to our hands. This may sound cheesy, but even as I am writing about this moment I have the biggest smile on my face. I am very proud and honored to be able to say that I am a part of such an amazing organization.

The Akaa Project's ability to work so deeply in rural communities is because of our people - our teachers, our staff, and our children. While they are in the classroom everyday, they are also leading village development, advising a community on the value of education, and inspiring children to dream big. Prior to last year's fundraiser for a school bus, many students walked several miles to and from school, carrying their little siblings on their shoulders so they could receive the education they deserve.

This Local People, Greater Potential Campaign is about sustaining and investing in our people in Ghana so that we will have stronger programs and create greater opportunities for children and families in the Akaa community. We are raising $20,000, to be used over 2 years, to strengthen the skills of our dedicated people and build capacity in the communities we work in. In these two years, our people will learn important proficiencies and skills such as first aid, financial management and accounting, and computers, as well as problem solving and effective communication. Funds will be used for individual and group trainings, professional mentorship, and other support costs. These activities have a direct impact on what our program outcomes will be – how many children have access to quality education, how many adults become literate, how many families will make informed healthcare decisions, how many people will maximize their land production to better provide for their families.

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